• It is a multifunctional LIS-LIMS system with capacity to accommodate any lab environment in their particular needs. Being a system that includes the Multi Lab, Multi language and Multi Management Center, you can configure different scenarios, behaviors or processes for each of the sections or laboratories from the same client. SilverlabNet scenarios can be configured to share the same regional information multiple hospitals, specialty outpatient centers and primary health care.


  •  Portal web management with calendar requests and citations for the lab. Remote management of TAO patient self-dosing treatments. Management visits and treatments Metadaona. high citations, documentation and access results via WEB browser. Allows parameterization of hits, query filters, templates citations and evidence to which the user can access. Access the patient to a key you can immediately download your reports and the historical results in PDF format from any device connected to the Internet.

  It is a comprehensive IT solution and complete to provide management information control Programs Methadone patients treated locally or region. It is designed and built to ensure any of the following: the management of patients and control visits, doses of methadone management doctor or social worker. the management of samples, laboratory and the results of their laboratory; and the spread of the reports or regional group are doctors through group reports sent by email or via website inquiry.

Management system for patients on oral anticoagulant treatment. Allows management of multiple centers and hematology consultations and through the website SilverlabWeb control patients attended remotely. For this you can define all kinds of drugs, dosages, schedules of visits parameters and tomorrow. can also create slide rules hemorrhagic or thrombotic risk based on international standards. LIS also includes total management of the laboratory and has connections to coagulometers automated customer.