• Ensure meeting the expectations of our clients in the IT services that we provide. 
  • Designing products for quality and reliability. 
    Achieve the minimum response time in installation and after-sales service further.
  • Use our work experience to achieve their security and trust.

DAS SL is a national company that provides cutting-edge computer services to its clients in the IT consulting and information technology, serving both their current needs and trends and changes that would give the software technology in the future. Through research and professionalization of a team committed to service and total customer satisfaction, which becomes strategic partner, combining development, systems integration and after sales service technician applications as their best qualities.

All this has been possible thanks to years of experience in both of our professionals, as external consultants who have worked on the design and development. Has resulted in a working tool really useful and versatile, able to adapt to the needs of any laboratory, whether public or private, regardless of the size and workload of the same. De SilverlabNet it would emphasize its attractive user interface, speed of processing, high availability of analytical and administrative information, interconnectivity with all kinds of analyzers market, with hospital managers requests and connectability with other higher-order systems (HIS) following market standards (HL7, ASTM, XML) for sending and receiving analytical information ..